Money raised




Where:  McDonald Jones Stadium
When:   Friday 16 August 2024
Time:     9.00am
Fundraising: $2,500 per Leader

Our leaders are stepping up to the challenge of abseiling down the face of Mcdonald Jones Stadium! 

The Leaders Leap is all about having fun while raising funds for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. We will witness our brave local leaders take on this exciting challenge for a fantastic cause.

The event isn’t just about leaders facing their fear of heights, it’s also a chance to honour the awesome work of the Rescue Helicopter crew, who swoop in to save lives from all sorts of tricky spots.

Let’s get behind our leaders and show them some love by donating to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.

  • Natalie Millington just donated $52.75
  • Gabrielle McBreen just donated $52.75
  • Annette Rudd just donated $26.38
  • Adam just donated $52.50
  • Anonymous just donated $26
  • Anonymous just donated $26
  • Kathryn Kerr just donated $52.75
  • Sally Close just donated $78
  • Michael McGowan just donated $21.10
  • Keegan Hipgrave just donated $10.55
  • Sarah Dennis just donated $26.38
  • George Safouris just donated $52.75
  • Frank Kraft just donated $108
  • Scotty Williams just donated $52.75
  • Goldieā€™s Dress Hire just donated $52.75
  • Tim Gordon just donated $211
  • Samantha Hain just donated $52.75
  • Sarah Lewis just donated $52.75
  • Darren Oliver just donated $105.50
  • Sue Gane just donated $26.38


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