How Your Fundraising

Makes a Difference

Every dollar you raise on the Wests Cycle Classic contributes to keeping the Rescue Helicopter Service available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Our AW139 helicopters are flying intensive care units. They can carry two patients or a baby infant carrier. 

It costs about $40 million a year to keep the helicopters and crews ready to respond when needed. 

Four AW139’s cover 1.5m people throughout Northern New South Wales, from the Hawkesbury to the Queensland border, making it one of the leading aeromedical services in Australia. 

The AW139’s cost $1,000 per hour in fuel, $1,000 per hour to run the engine, $1,500 for the airframe and for $500 avionics, that’s a total of $4,000 per hour.

 About $12 million of the cost is raised through sponsorships, Volunteer, Support Group activities, events and partnerships with our community. 

The remainder is funded through contracts with NSW Health and NSW Ambulance.