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By completing this form you are expressing an interest in becoming part of Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service Event Volunteer Support Group for the Byron Coast Charity Walk on Saturday 29 April 2023.

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A pre-event briefing will be held for all new volunteers the week of the event.

Pre-Event Route Marking Friday 28 April 2023

Event Day Saturday 29 April 2023

Fruit & Water Station Attendee
Timing Assistant

Please note: All volunteers are advised to check with their own vehicle insurance company that their comprehensive cover for loss/damage to their own vehicle includes cover while driving to and from their place of volunteer work. Injury to yourself (while volunteering) or other persons caused through a road accident to and from the place of volunteering will be covered by the vehicle's registration and Compulsory Third Party Cover. There are conditions that apply to Compulsory Third Party Cover. You will find the conditions and warranties written on the back of your vehicle registration papers.

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