Rescue Stories


It was a New Years Eve camping trip for Machlan ‘Mac’ Slade’s family and friends on the outskirts of Port Macquarie, not far from their home at Wauchope. Mac had risen early and worked with mates constructing jumps for their BMX bikes and the morning was filled with laughter and thrills.


Millie had been experiencing flu-like symptoms for two days. After multiple doctor’s appointments and no improvement, her parents took her to their local hospital for further assessment. It became apparent that Millie’s heart was not working. Influenza B was attacking her heart muscle and the reduced blood supply meant all of her vital organs were starting to shut down.


Monday morning of the 2021 October long weekend in the Hunter Valley was cool and windy, conditions that David Gatwood and his cycling companions relished.

Cool mornings made David’s regular ride all the more enjoyable, so it was easy convincing fellow riders Steve Wright and father and daughter Paul and Charlotte Heaton to join him on a ride along Middlebrook Rd near Scone.