Team D

Byron Coast Charity Walk 36km

Our team is fundraising for...

The Rescue Helicopter Service, walking 36km from Byron Bay to Ballina in the 2021 Byron Coast Charity Walk.

Every dollar raised contributes to keeping the Rescue Helicopter Service available 24/7, 365 days a year.
The AW139 helicopters are flying intensive care units. They can carry two patients or a baby infant carrier.
The AW139’s cost $1,000 per hour in fuel, $1,000 per hour to run the engine, $1,500 for the airframe and for $500 avionics, that’s a total of $4,000 per hour.

Support our team’s fundraising page to keep the helicopters and crews ready to respond when needed.

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$100 - Helipad Hero

$250 - Lift Off Legend

$500 - Blue Sky Dreamer

$1000 - Airborne Angel

$2500 - High Flyer

$5000 - Titanium Team

$10000 - Rise Up Rescue

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Good Luck with the walk D. Awesome you are able to do this thanks to the Rescue Helicopter Service Love you xxx


Nigel And Penny

We will always be grateful to the Rescue Helicopter Service for being there for you D. Good luck on your walk. With our love. Mum and Dad xx



D and Nikki- you are legends for taking on this mammoth feat!! What an adventure all those years ago, interrupted by a very scary experience. Lucky for a lot of awesome support and services in our communities. Great that you guys are highlighting the life savers of this world! Lucky we have you D in top form. Good luck to you both! We’ll be cheering you from the sidelines!


Dianna Snape Photography

Great cause Nikki and may you and your tribe enjoy the journey. x Di



This establishment saved your life Dan!! What a privilege to be able to give back, here’s a helping hand 🙌 We wouldn’t know each other if it wasn’t for them! Cheers brother


Dave Farquharson

Remember this time well - was so glad that this amazing service came through for you. Haven’t seen you in an age of course but often think about good teenage times (! 😀) Have a great walk, Dave


Siobhan Byrnes

Well done Dee, hope you are all well xxx


Jane Webbley

Loads of luck on your walk .. I have donated about the same as I spent on phone calls to your hospital room at that time :) xx



Yes Deesmo


Rupert Gilbert


Geoff Steele


Amanda Logan


Daniel Craddock


Louis Adams

Love You Ivory


Paula & Jim Hughes


Thomas H Green

Keep on keepin' on, D. Vive la Freaks! Been so bloody long but good to know that yer still out there doing yer do, Chin chin, Thomas H


Danny Martin


Abbie Webbley

Good luck D! Xx


Michelle Wilson

Way to go.. will be cheering you on!


Nikki Dunnage