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Byron Coast Charity Walk 24km

Our team is fundraising for...

The Rescue Helicopter Service, walking 24km from Byron Bay to Lennox Head in the 2022 Byron Coast Charity Walk.

Every dollar raised contributes to keeping the Rescue Helicopter Service available 24/7, 365 days a year.
The AW139 helicopters are flying intensive care units. They can carry two patients or a baby infant carrier.
The AW139’s cost $1,000 per hour in fuel, $1,000 per hour to run the engine, $1,500 for the airframe and for $500 avionics, that’s a total of $4,000 per hour.

Support our team’s fundraising page to keep the helicopters and crews ready to respond when needed.

Our Achievements

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Reached Target

$100 - Helipad Hero

$250 - Lift Off Legend

$500 - Blue Sky Dreamer

$1000 - Airborne Angel

$2500 - High Flyer

$5000 - Titanium Team

$10000 - Rise Up Rescue

Thank you to our Sponsors


Brady Roberts


Sue Bohlr

Love you dedication, inspirational.



I’ve decided to forgo a couple of cups of coffee for you sexy ❤️




Todd Comrie

Go Mister you can do this!


Keely Branningan


Janelle Brown


Tracie Brannigan



Go team MU! Awesome effort




Joan Gardner

Well done ladies. Have fun.


Tony Li

Enjoy your walk :)




Grant Carr

Good on you, Trace!!


Peter Clarke

Onya Trace. Need a navigator?


Jackie Fuller

enjoy the walk, hope the weather is nice :)


Dirk Tingler

Dirk Tingler to the rescue