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Byron Coast Charity Walk 36km

I'm fundraising for...

The Rescue Helicopter Service, walking 36km from Byron Bay to Ballina in the 2021 Byron Coast Charity Walk.

Every dollar raised contributes to keeping the Rescue Helicopter Service available 24/7, 365 days a year.
The AW139 helicopters are flying intensive care units. They can carry two patients or a baby infant carrier.
The AW139’s cost $1,000 per hour in fuel, $1,000 per hour to run the engine, $1,500 for the airframe and for $500 avionics, that’s a total of $4,000 per hour.

Support my fundraising page to keep the helicopters and crews ready to respond when needed.

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We did it!! And we're the 2nd highest fundraising team!!!

Monday 24th May
We're feeling pretty proud of ourselves and especially of Charley, who at 13 years old, was the youngest (by far) to do the Charity Walk.  And he didn't train!!  

We had a few showers, but the weather was predominantly good and WE SAW a WHALE, showing off, when we got up to the lighthouse!!  

We took our time (ok, so the boys ran from time to time, growing bored of the trudge) and I chose to just keep putting one foot in front of the other... and, to be honest, it wasn't until the last 6km that it got tough.  

At 24km - Lennox Head, I let Y-Elena (one of my alter egos)  walk for me.  I could feel blisters coming on and was determined not to get any, knowing that I don't suffer very well. I had ordered special socks that cost a small fortune, to guard against blisters, but they were delivered to the wrong address and I still don't have them!! Thankfully, there were podiatrists at the 24km check point at Lennox Head, who made sure I didn't get the blisters and Y-Elena took over.  

We are blessed to be alive!! 
Be able to walk!!
To live in a such beautiful country!! (The Byron Coast is a stunning part of the world to walk and simply be in. Do it, whenever you have the chance!) 
We continued to count our blessings, with a few swear words in between, even when we had to walk in the soft sand (the tide came up, toward the end) and had the wind in our face, and had our cheerleading team, arrive with food and hugs at 24km, hugs, words of encouragement and car tooting at 30km and beer, yelling and hugs at the finish line, ready to deal with our delirium and take us back to the fabulous farmhouse we had rented and feed us with delicious, nutritious food.  

Our bodies are nothing short of AMAZING and I am continually reminded and inspired by the strength and resilience of people (via my work) and what is possible for us to achieve.  

On Saturday the 22nd of May, I got to achieve something, I've never done before and am grateful to you, for helping me to walk through my discomfort to SAVE LIVES and be stronger - for myself and for others.

Please see the link, below, to check out and enjoy photos and videos. 

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for.  We are the change we seek."  ~ Barack Obama



Why? What happened and when....

Tuesday 18th May
In 1992, I met Bec and D (aka Daniel), in Santorini, Greece.
In 1998, they got married.  
In 1999, a bunch of us went to a Byron Bay Blues Festival, and D went surfing with Damian. Luckily, Damian saw D put up his hand, after his femoral nerve and artery were torn by the fin of the surfboard, when he fell on it.  Damian's quick paddling and first aid skills kept D alive, until the nurse arrived and when they realised that his injury was more serious than the Byron Bay hospital could deal with, he was helicoptered to Lismore Hospital. The medics talked about amputation, if he lived and D's parents flew out from the UK, while he was in intensive care.  

Daniel lived and was determined to walk normally and he does...
16 years ago, Gus was born, and is my sister's Godson.
13 years ago Charley was born  and is my Godson.

A few months ago, a client told me she was walking from Byron to Ballina (36km) to raise money for the Helicopter Rescue Service and I knew I had to do it.  When I told D about it, he knew he wanted to, too. There was no holding back Charley, and anyone who knows him knows what that's like.

This is the first time I've ever done a big walk.  I can't say that we've done lots of training, because we haven't (20km is the most, I've walked), but I reckon we've all got the mental strength to do it and will be walking on Saturday 22 May - 4 days away.

The Byron Coast Helicopter Rescue Service has saved and continues to save the lives of many, and not just the residents of the area.  Thank goodness for them and all other people and services that do just that - SAVE LIVES.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Graeme , Rain & Scruffy Dunnage

$100 each from Rain & I, and $50 from Scruffy Em tasol xxxxx


Meta Georgeson

Good work babes. I live at the beach and was impressed with your effort. AND I wanted to see you reach your goal


Dianna Snape Photography

Great cause Nikki and may you and your tribe enjoy the journey. x Di


Allison Scifleet

A wonderful cause Nikki and have fun. The weather is glorious. ! Love, Allison


Isabel Stankiewicz

Wishing you an amazing journey can’t wait to compare notes xx


Roslyn Margaret Bishoo

All the best for your wonderful effort to a worthwhile cause Nikki


Helen Mcvay


Desleigh Adhmore


Karen Browne

Good on you Nikki xxx


Kylie-jo Harvey

What a wonderful cause Nikki and one we never know if we will in fact need it one day. It's wonderful knowing that D, Bec and their wonderful family are all doing well xx



Good one Nikki.


Carolyn Gregory

Fantastic Nikki!!


Kara Dunnage

Spectacular feat and awesome cause. Go susa!!


Madelaine Verchere

Fantastic cause and I remember D’s accident all those years ago. Could have been a very different ending if it weren’t for amazing friends, life guards, helicopter rescue, doctors and nurses. 💕


Tony Johnson

I’ve work Nik and team!


Neil Madders

Well done Nikki Great effort


Gaz & Michelle Mottau


Geoff Steele


Tan Clarke

Good luck Nikki and D!! Thank you for sharing your story. Have fun and look forward to the beautiful sunrise pic on 22 May. Xx



Boots were made for walking, the soul for soaring. Together, you'll all fly through this ♡


Pièrre L'arbre

Have fun.....


Fe Pemberton

Well done Nikki for supporting such a great cause 😉💕


Cr Kinesiology


Yolena is strong woman. I want be her.


Kristen Ripper

Such a good cause Nikki and the rescue story is amazing. Good luck to all of your team.



Well done Nikki, hope you’re not too sore after that long walk!


Kylie Rule

Well done Nikki xx


Stefanie Poon

Go girl! Proud of you!




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