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Byron Coast Charity Walk 36km

I'm fundraising for...

The Rescue Helicopter Service, walking 36km from Byron Bay to Ballina in the 2021 Byron Coast Charity Walk.

Every dollar raised contributes to keeping the Rescue Helicopter Service available 24/7, 365 days a year.
The AW139 helicopters are flying intensive care units. They can carry two patients or a baby infant carrier.
The AW139’s cost $1,000 per hour in fuel, $1,000 per hour to run the engine, $1,500 for the airframe and for $500 avionics, that’s a total of $4,000 per hour.

Support my fundraising page to keep the helicopters and crews ready to respond when needed.

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Sunday 23rd May
So, the morning after the day before...

What a beautiful trek along the coastline between Byron and Ballina, pristine beaches, cool rainforest headlands, miles and miles of aqua surf,  stunning views to the south , where we were heading, and to the north, where we came from....
Forecast showers didn’t really eventuate , the breeze  blew lightly, and    storm clouds tumbled on the horizon.

36 kms is certainly a challenging distance, especially mainly on sand, but we did it,  small groups, often specks in the distance, buoyed by camaraderie, encouraging, all with the same goal. There were blisters, pinched nerves, more blisters,  everyone with their own challenges.

We read this morning that this walk has raised over $113,000.00 for the Rescue Helicopter Service, with donations still coming, THANK  YOU, to all of our sponsors, for all of your dollars , all of your kind comments, all of your support !!!!

We’ll see you on the next one...!!!


Monday 17th May
Just 6 days till the walk...

This morning we woke to our local early morning ABC news, and the lead story was how busy the Rescue Helicopter had been in our region, over the weekend.
There were 6 flights to rescue and support people, a man off a motorbike on a local farm, a single vehicle crash on a country road,  a man off a horse, a woman in a severe soccer tackle, a woman crashing after hitting a kangaroo, and a fatality between a motorcycle and a car.....

So, this walk is important to me, BUT it is really important for the awareness, and the fundraising, of this wonderful, and vital service, who knows when we  next might pray to hear the beating of the rotors arriving in an emergency....

Thank you to all the sponsors of this walk, 


Saturday 15th May
Trekking around the hills of Amaroo ,i am   surrounded by the muted greys and greens of our native bush.

I look for colour, and find the bright gold of Niger flowers, planted to attract the bees, and the soft yellow of wild turnip plants.

A swathe of glacier white shimmers where the radishes  are flowering, like alpine meadows.

Gnarled bark on old gums are silvery grey slashes.

And the mixes of multi-species plantings glow with colours of lime, olive,  and russets...

One week till my walk, and I am enjoying the whole process,  
It is now frosty in the mornings, and Byron has forecasts of rain,
It will all be fun,


Friday 14th May
My early morning walks on  Amaroo connect me to much of our wildlife.

Kangaroos, with their joeys, laying in the sun by the troughs, then scattering away

Bird calls trilling around and around the hills

Spiders with beautifully symmetrical webs, cast between foliage, glistening,  the webs packed up again when the sun rises

Parrots, vibrant in royal scarlet and blues, picking the seeds on a favourite patch of grasses

Wedge tail eagles soaring on the currents above me

A wild dog,  tiptoe-ing along the gully, not noticing me as I stand totally still, the only sound, my camera clicketing, and my heart pounding

Echidnas burrowing for bugs

Thinking  I can hear koalas growling  in the tree canopy, but not having ever seen one here, unsure whether it is just wishful thinking 

Streaks of red as a fox darts through the long grasses

Flashes of gold as I pass the troughs, with our introduced fish darting around

And then, rounding the corner of the track, coming across our mob of 200 black cows and calves , with a perfect scatter across the face of the hill...

Can it get any better.... 


Monday 10th May
My training started in summer, early mornings to beat the heat, head torch on, stepping around sleeping cows and calves on the track, in the dark.

4 hours walk in drizzling rain, the Irish greeting , ‘soft day’, on my mind , with all the grasses and trees , lush, green, and dripping.

Autumn frosts sparkling from the Criss-crossed spider webs on the thistle heads, magic.

Climbing the hills , with swirls of fog beneath me, swathing the valley with white, and quiet.

Morning kookaburras laughing, echoing to each other, always a sign to me of a good day ahead...!

My walk is my calm and my solitude,  time to regroup, and to enjoy this landscape.... Corinna 


Saturday 8th May
12 weeks ago I registered for this walk, bought a diary, and plotted out a schedule of distances to build up, week by week.
This weekend, two weeks before the Walk, was to be my peak, the longest training distance to walk, all but the goal 36 kms... this is for my body, and my consciousness , to know that I can do it.
Yesterday we were home, and I had time.
At 5:45 I walked to the Silver Stay gate,  and back again, 10 kms on a rise of 219 metres, taking 2 and a quarter hours. A light breakfast, then headed out again, same trek.
Morning tea, then headed out at 11:15, for the same trek again....
So, 30 kms, 3 x 2 and quarter hours, and peak trek achieved...!
I am now looking forward to the fun and excitement of walking with 800 other keen people, along beautiful scenery,  trained, and fit.
Fundraising is an important part of this walk, and I really thank all my sponsors for the donations and good wishes, it means a lot to have this support .
Thank you!!!! C

A new Walk !!!

Thursday 6th May
So, I have a new challenge, for my fitness, and my time...
I am walking  from Byron Bay to Ballina, on the 22nd May, along beaches, over headlands, for 36 kms.
I have trained on our Amaroo hills,  on Port Macquarie treks, and on the beach at Crescent Head....
My new passion for CrossFit will certainly help,.
Now I just need some fundraising to send to the WestPac Helicopter Service , what wonderful and valuable support it provides...!

I’ll walk, you donate!!
Thank you!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tom Doyle

Just discovered all of the great journal entries, love a different perspective on the colours and landscape of Amaroo! Glad to hear you’re prepared for some wet weather :)


Jason Doyle

Very inspirational Mum :) Love Jase, Sybil, Ahliyah & Sebastian.


Building Heights


Kate Whatman

Good luck on the walk!! A big effort. We will be thinking of you! Love Kate and fam


Cath Wykes

Well done. Hope you enjoy the walk. I have enjoyed reading the blog of your “training” walks. Xo


Corinna Doyle

I am kicking off the first $100, Join me on my adventure!


Crossfit Mbk

Have a blast! Doing for such a great cause


Kathy Keane

A great cause. Enjoy the warmth


Don & Domingo

Don & Domingo


Angela Kim

Just wanted to get connected again after reading through those beautifully written, very inspring, poetic blog posts! Go Corinna!


Matt & Em

Amazing work Mum, you're an inspiration!


Angela Kim

Go Corinna!!! We support you! You are just amazing!


Anne Maguire

Good luck