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Christopher Potter - The Littlest Battler

Rise For Rescue Ambassador - Rescue Story

Christopher Potter spent four of his first five months in hospital.

He was born in December 2018 with rare condition called tracheoesophageal fistula (TOF). This meant that his oesophagus did not connect to his stomach and he was born unable to swallow, and if left untreated, he would literally drown in his own saliva. 

This required him to have surgery within the first couple of days after meeting his parents, Joanne and Rob.

He had a pretty rough recovery as Christopher's condition was described as complex requiring him to be in hospital for six weeks.

Rob had just got home from work.

“Christopher had sounded rattly and Rob and I re-positioned him to his side as this normally helped - instead this time it had the opposite effect and he just stopped breathing. It was a very strange sound and I grabbed the phone and dialled 000 immediately,” Joanne said.

“I didn't realise it was any different to previous episodes until a couple of minutes into the call when it became clear that things were really wrong this time, I just knew we needed help,” she said.

While Jo was on the phone to Triple 0, Rob moved quickly to provide his seven week old baby with CPR.  Rob is in the Rural Fire Service and had undertaken first aid training which included children’s first aid before Christopher was born.

This was the second time that Potters called Triple 0. A few days earlier, he was transported back to hospital after going blue, floppy and unconscious. He was discharged the following day only to become seriously unwell a day and half later.

Within 17 minutes there were three ambulances, two police cars and the Rescue Helicopter had landed.

“Rob and Jo’s quick thinking saved their little boy’s life,” said Sean Valance who was the flight paramedic on board that February afternoon.

The helicopter landed at the school oval in Gwandalan in Lake Macquarie and he was flown immediately to the Children’s Hospital at the John Hunter Hospital before being flown to the Sydney Children’s Hospital for another major surgery.

Christopher has undergone two major and 12 minor surgeries.

 “He still has some hurdles to jump, but he is a pretty strong little boy and doing well. He has the best medical team with him. Because of the amazing work of our emergency services the team at the Rescue Helicopter he was put in the specialist care he needed so quickly. We are so grateful to everyone,” Jo said.

The Potter family were guests at the Belmont Base where they had the opportunity to re-meet some of the crew that were on board the day that Christopher was transported to Sydney.

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My Updates

THANK YOU - Rise for Rescue final blog post

Thursday 3rd Dec
For my final post I am extremely excited to announce that I reached my fundraising target of $4000 with my team.  My personal donations reached $3861 and there were also a few donations made to "Team Christopher Potter" which helped raise the final tally to $4001!

Thank you to Marjorie who was our final donor for our campaign - your generosity helped me Rise to the occasion :)

And a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated along the way, shared my story, followed my adventures and shown me their love and support.  It really has been wonderful to know that so many people have a gotten behind me and the Rescue Helicopter.  Your kindness and generosity has truly been appreciated - THANK YOU

And of course, the biggest THANK YOU goes to the wonderful ladies and gents from the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service 🚁 who continue to provide their lifesaving service to our communities.  

THANK YOU and I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.   I hope you've been good because Santa IS watching 😉

Love to all

Christopher xo

The end is near!

Monday 30th Nov
Today marks the final day of the Rise For Rescue fundraiser and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the month with donations big and small, including my most recent sponsors - Kiralee, Dad, Tamara & Billy, Donna and a couple who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Unfortunately, I haven't quite reached my goal - I'm still a couple of hundred dollars short, but the night is young (although my bedtime is drawing near).  Overall though I am really proud of the efforts of everyone who has supported me - we surpassed my original goal and surprised me with the amount of love, kindness and generosity that was shown.

I have really enjoyed being able to share my story with everyone and also my little activities and adventures along the way.  I hope you've all enjoyed reading my little blog - and I hope it's brought a smile to your face!  I've also really loved being able to read the other Ambassadors stories and about all the miraculous work the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service do.

I'll share my final adventures with you now - today has been a big big day for a little guy.  I started with a trip to the doctor, followed by speech therapy (I may not say much but I have a lot to say😁).  I followed this by a nap - I highly recommend fitting one into your day - and then a quick visit with my Nan.  From there it was off to my favourite store.... Bunnings (I love their dotty cookies).  Then I spent the rest of the afternoon with Mummy collecting little pine cones to make Christmas decorations and now I'm helping Mum write my blog while splashing in the tub and soon I'll be off to bed.

Thank you again to everyone and I look forward to being able to share one last post with my final tally tomorrow.

Love to all

Christopher xo

Week 4 end

Saturday 28th Nov
Well today marks the end of week 4 which means the Rise For Rescue Campaign will be wrapping up in a few days.  Unfortunately, despite my efforts I haven't had many donations this week so I'm still a way short of reaching my goal.  Hopefully in the next day or so I can get a few more donations and make it to my target of $4000 before the end of the month.

If you haven't already donated, please dig deep and help support this worthy cause.  And PLEASE SHARE my page with anyone and everyone you know.  

To those lovely people who have donated, Thank you.  I really do appreciate your support and please know your donation will go a long way to keep the Westpac Rescue Helicopter 🚁in the air and providing critical support during those times when it is needed most.

Today has been another busy day for me.
This morning I let Grammy help me decorate Daddy's Christmas tree - I think I did a pretty good job too!

Then the Gwandalan RFS had their annual volunteer's Christmas Party 🥳 which was jam packed with fun, frivolity and the usual hijinks - with Santa 🎅 even making an appearance in the fire truck 🚒

It has been a very hot day, so I came home early to hang out with mum in the air conditioning :) and decorate ANOTHER Christmas tree 🎄  I'm getting good at it now 😁

Stay cool

Love to all

Christopher xo


Wednesday 25th Nov
Well after a few days of self isolation with Mummy and being told we are Covid free, I decided we should head out and have some fun.  

I love watching aeroplanes and helicopters - I get very excited when I hear one flying overhead - so today we went to Lake Macquarie Airport to watch them take off and land.  This is one of my favourite things to do as not only can I see the helicopters and the planes out on the runway but sometimes I'm lucky enough to see the rescue helicopter 🚁or some of the others taking off or landing.  (and mum loves it too because she can sit and drink her coffee ☕ while I run around).

But today was even more AWESOME!  We got there at the perfect time - the SkyDive Australia plane loading up passengers and then taxiing up the runway before turning around speeding up and up and up and take off!!!  Another man was there watching with his dog and he helped me spot the skydivers as they leapt out of the plane.  They were tiny... and then they got bigger and bigger and then they landed.

Once the plane was back and safely in it's spot, they let me have a closer look at the plane and I even got to climb inside and meet the pilot!!! WOW!

Our next stop was the park at Belmont South.  Its a great park with a side by side slide which I was very pleased to be able to go on by myself.  They also have a big twisty slide and I make mum go on it with me - I sit on her lap and whoosh!  its very quick 😀 

Then we walked over to talk to the pelicans - you have to walk slowly and not yell so they don't get scared and swim away.  They are a bit bigger than me when they stand up but they don't scare me.  We had a good chat and I'm pretty sure he laughed at my joke.  I like the pelicans 😁

And just when you thought that was a lot of cool stuff - well I also conned Mum into a Choccy milk with lunch AND her friend Melinda gave me a special bubble blower, which I played with this afternoon after my nap.

So it really has been a full on, fun packed day for a little guy.

It's time for me to call it a night.

Love to all

Christopher xo

Fireman Christopher

Sunday 22nd Nov
Sorry I've been a little quiet this week but my Mummy has been a little under the weather the last couple of days and so we haven't been getting up to quite so many adventures.

Today was also a rainy day - there was loud thunder too - so we did some indoor play and I got to dress up in my fireman uniform and ride my little fire truck.  I used my axe to cut down the door and used my fire hose to put out the fire.  But Mummy doesn't let me take the ladder down to climb up to my rescue helicopter (she says they are just for looking).  

I do have a pretty cool bedroom :)  
If you want to see more photos of my Fire Station bedroom then check out my gallery on my Rise For Rescue page.

Week 3 has come to an end and my tally has grown by almost $500 this week and is now just over $3300!  

Thank you to everyone that has contributed so far.  I am hoping to at least reach my goal of $4000 - which is what it costs to keep the chopper in the air for just 1 hour!  So please continue to share my page as I am hoping to reach as many people as possible and not only help raise money for the Rescue Helicopter but also build awareness - Did you know they have a facebook page and instagram too?  Don't forget to follow them and see all the amazing work they do.

Thank you again and love to all.

Christopher xo

Locally Grown & Superheroes

Wednesday 18th Nov
Today I have been busy at my garden.  

With the little bit of rain and all the lovely sunshine, my plants are growing bigger than me!

It was great going there today - I got to show some lovely people where the gardens are - they're locals but didn't realise the gardens existed.  It's such an awesome space and I saw BOTH Blue Tongue lizards today - one in the shed and the big old bluey in the log.  They were both enjoying the sunshine too - and the strawberries.

We collected a few of my Zucchinis - they've taken off great guns and were monstrously big and we shared them with our nice neighbours.

The other thing that is growing nicely is my donation tally.  I've had a few more wonderful people donate but they are keeping their identity a secret - they must be Superheroes!  Just like the amazing ladies and men who run the Rescue Helicopter service!!!

So THANK YOU again to everyone who has donated and who has shown me support.  Please continue to follow my blog and share my page.

Love to all

Christopher xo

Hot and Stickie

Monday 16th Nov
Today looked like it was going to be a beautiful day - and it really was - but boy was it hot!

Lucky for Luna today is her Bathday.... once a month lovely Mell comes and gives Luna a pamper session and clips her nails.  I always sit and watch out the window until Mell brings her back inside and when she comes in Luna smells so nice.

After that I took mum out for lunch at the shopping centre.  Lunch was a bit tricky.  Sometimes, because of my TOF, I get a stickie (where the food just doesn't go down my oesophagus).  It happens quite a bit and I'm really good at bringing it back up now, but it can be a little scary too.  When I have a stickie, it helps for me to have a fizzy drink (the doctors say Coke is best - Did you know they even suggest using Coke to flush blocked NG Feeding tubes???)  Mum doesn't like giving me that too often, so I usually have fizzy water.  The bubbles help to flush anything that is still there through. 

After lunch, I found the playground in the shopping centre had just been re-opened.  Yay.  I had lots of fun and there were lots of other little kids to run around with.

Then it was time to head home, with just a quick stop in Bunnings - I like it there, they sell big cookies.  It was still so so hot when we got back home, so mum let me have a long splash in the bath to cool off before dinner.

It really was a big day for me and all that running around wore me out, so off to bed I go.

Love to all

Christopher xo

What a beautiful day

Sunday 15th Nov
Week 3 started with a stunning sunny day!  

After watching Bluey this morning, I got dressed and went to play in the backyard with mum.  I had a climb on the playgym and splashed lots of water in the water table.  It was pretty warm outside so it was nice and cool getting wet.

I must have been running around a lot because I tired myself out and after a quick lunch I had a long nap. 😴

Luna (my dog) had a nap too.... she naps even more than I do.  And she snores really loudly 😂

Later this afternoon I went to visit Nanny - her neighbour has lovely chickens that I like to go look at.  We stayed for dinner (and so I could watch Bluey again 🤣) and then it was off home.

When I got home I checked my Rise For Rescue page and was very happy to see that I had received more donations from Sharyn Hooper, Christine McMillan and an anonymous donor.
Thank you to each and every one of you who has donated.  It really means a lot to me.

Good night and love to all.

Christopher xo

Weekly wrap up

Saturday 14th Nov
Week 2 has come to an end and what a week it's been.

I've been very lucky to have some incredible sponsors help me to raise just over $3000 in total so far.  This is an amazing effort and I am very grateful to everyone who has donated, big and small.  🙏

I've also been very active - playing in the park, gardening in my community garden plot, going to the jetty, therapy sessions, and lets not forget the bongos!

Today was a Daddy day - where I got to spend the day out and about with Dad.  We got up nice and early, watched the Lion King and Bluey and then had a lovely play down at the waterfront in the park. 

When I got home I helped Mum pull out all my toys - she had packed them up!  Can you believe it?!!  But don't worry, I had them all back out in no time at all 🤣  Then we went back outside for some more outdoor fun and I helped to mow the lawn.

So it's been a very busy day for a little guy.

Thank you again to everyone who is following my adventure.  If you have already donated, THANK YOU!  If you are still undecided - please remember that your donation WILL help to save lives, so if you can spare a dollar or five then it would be appreciated.

Good night and Love to all

Christopher xo

Music for Movement

Thursday 12th Nov
Today was my first time at my new Physio group session called music for movement. 
It is just a small group of 3 boys with our mums and James our Physio.

We did lots of fun play songs that all involve moving different body parts.  My favourite is still Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as I am getting quite good at my twinkle fingers,, but we also did Dingle Dangle Scarecrow which looks fun.

I also took mum to the playground for some more playtime - it has these giant tunnels that I had to crawl through- i did really well and managed to crawl through a few times. 
 Then it was off home for a nap 😴  (Naps are pretty big in my world).

Thanks everyone for following my story and please continue to share the rise for rescue page - I’d really love to reach my new goal.

Good night

Love to all

Remembering AND Bongos at Bedtime

Wednesday 11th Nov
It's been a busy day!

Today is remembrance day  - I don't really understand much about it, but Mummy tried to explain that it is a day to pay our respects to those who died in war.  There is a commemorative ceremony held down the road near the Gwandalan Scout Hall. We paid our respects from home though (a minute is a long time for me to be silent sometimes) but we did go down later this afternoon to have a look.

I also went to my community garden plot to water my plants.  My sunflowers 🌻are now as tall as Mum!!! and I got to pick 2 massive zucchini's and some spinach that I grew.  My tomatoes are all still green but there are lots of them.  I also got to say hello to a lovely duck who was near the creek on our way there. 🦆

And Mummy's friend Sherilee came to visit and brought me BONGOS!!!  So tonight after my bath, I went and played some music for Mum... I must be really good at it already because mum said "the neighbours can thank Sherilee for this" 🤣

I also decided to revise my goal for the Rise for Rescue campaign.  Thanks to all my lovely supporters I managed to surpass my original goal of $2000 yesterday.  So today I decided to set my target to $4000 as that is roughly what it costs to run the chopper for 1 hour.  

And today I am another step closer having just ticked over the $3000 mark thanks to more lovely supporters like Julie Mueller.  I really appreciate everyone digging deep and giving what they can.  It all adds up and goes a long way in helping to keep the Rescue Helicopter in flight.

Thank you all again, I'm off to the land of nod.

Love to all

Christopher xo

High Flyer!

Tuesday 10th Nov
Woohoo!  I am officially a high flyer!  🚁

Yesterday, not only did I reach my goal of $2000 but with some more lovely support I made it to the next milestone of "High Flyer" - reaching $2500 in donations and up.

Wow, just wow!  I can hardly believe it.  THANK YOU to Claire Burnett, Abhijot Kaur, Jane Bugeja, Edmond, Dan & Bel Clements, Elena Scifleet, Margaret Kinvig, Louise, Kathryn Mungoven and gorgeous little Millie McGuigan (who is another TOF Warrior).  You guys are all awesome and I am so grateful for your support. Thank you for your donations and also for sharing my story.

Today was a big day for me.  I had my regular speech therapy session - I don't have many words just yet, but I'm starting to make more sound patterns and I certainly make myself heard!  It's a long drive there and back, so I like to catch a few zzz's on the way home.  

Then I went with Mum to have coffee and a choccie milkshake with Bel (who took my photo today) while I had a play and run around in the park at Summerland Point Reserve.  It is really lovely there, with lots of ducks and seagulls too.  I got to play with another little boy on the merry-go-round and I even pushed to spin him around.  They have a side by side slide so I got to slide holding Mum's hand and it wasn't scary at all today.  I am getting very brave and adventurous 🙂 But I still have Mum's coordination and I'm a bit of a wonky donkey 🤣🤣🤣

Thanks again everyone for following my day and for showing you care.  

Love to all

Christopher xo

Booming Great!

Monday 9th Nov
This morning I was off to playgroup - I was really excited to be there as I do love spending time with other kids.  Unfortunately Covid hit just as I was finding my feet and learning to walk, so everything came to a stand still (pardon the pun).  But thankfully Playgroup has started back up with little groups getting to have a play together outside.  It's a little different than before, we have to sanitize our hands when we get there, we can't have morning tea together anymore, and when we arrive Christine shoots me in the head with the little temperature gun :)  But better to be safe than sorry.

Today, I was practicing my sliding.  I managed to climb the slide all by myself and whoosh.  I was very proud of myself at the bottom (but if you check out my photo gallery - at the bottom of my Rise for Rescue page - you can see my worried look as I go down the slide).

My other BIG excitement for today was I received an incredibly generous donation from George at Booming Business Pty Ltd.  His benevolence helped me to reach my first goal of $2000.  So a huge THANK YOU.  

Anyone who is looking for a business coach or would like to know more about George and Booming Business please check out his website:

Thank you again to everyone who is following my journey.
I look forward to sharing my day again tomorrow

Love to all

Christopher xo

There's no stopping me now!

Sunday 8th Nov
I've done it!  I've been trying and trying and I've finally done it!
I must have grown overnight, because now if I stand on the tippy tips of my toes and stretch my fingers out as far as they go..... I can reach the top of the door handle just enough to get it to pull down.... and I'm in :)

There's no keeping me out now, I know where Mum keeps all the good snacks and the Kit Kats!  Mum doesn't seem as overjoyed with my new talent as I am though,  she say's I'm a Cheeky Monkey!  So watch out world, there's no stopping me now!!!

There's also no stopping the incredible generosity that is being shown to me and the Rise For Rescue campaign.  Today we received more donations from Pam Miller, Julie Volpe and Diane Schofield pushing my tally to over $1500!  THANK YOU!

Love to all

Christopher xo

Weekly wrap up

Saturday 7th Nov
Today marks Day 7 of my Rise For Rescue campaign!

This morning I went with mum to the local Lions Club Markets where she bought a sausage sizzle..... and I met a sausage dog!!!  He was really nice and friendly and his mum said it was ok for me to give him a little pat.

From there we wandered over to the park, where I had a swing and I was even brave enough to go on the slide today.

Down near the waterfront we met some more puppies.  I do like dogs, especially my Luna.  I took a walk out along the jetty a few times, which is lots of fun and I got to say hello to the men who were fishing.

After a run around the park, it was time to head home for Morning Tea and a nap.  It's hard work being little :)

I've had a fantastic week getting out and about and sharing my little adventures with you, and I really want to thank everyone who has shown their support, either through donating or by sharing my page.

So far, I've managed to raise over $1300 with the help of more incredible sponsors like Jennie Agustin, Chris Chappell, Amanda McDonald, Nick Seccombe, Belinda Wilberforce, Alisa Payne and Sherilee McManus (who has made a second donation!!!).

Thank you all for your kindness :)

Love to all.

Christopher xo

Rhyme time

Thursday 5th Nov
Oh, what a windy and chilly day,
Much too wet to go out and play.
So Luna warmed herself by the fire, 
As our donations went up higher!
It's getting late, so I'll keep it short
Thank you all for your support!
Until tomorrow, I'm off to bed, 
So I can rest my weary head

Love to all

Christopher xo

Growing in the community

Wednesday 4th Nov
Today I've been very busy.  With all the rain of late I haven't been able to go down to my plot at the community garden for about a week, but the sun is out today so off I went.  It's not too far away, so I ride my trike and mum pushes me along.

What a surprise!  My garden has taken off and my sunflowers are taller than me!!!  No flowers on them yet, but I do have a lot of tomatoes starting to pop and quite a few zucchini flowers blooming too - I even have a couple of zucchinis already.  Mum says I must have green thumbs.... but I washed my hands and they look the same to me :)

After helping mum to dig out a few weeds and water our plants, I went and had a run around - there's a blue tongue lizard who lives down the back and I was hoping to see him.  He must have been hiding today - I think he heard me coming.

After all my gardening efforts, it was time to head home for some morning tea and a juice before laying down for a nap.

I hope you are enjoying hearing about my days, and please remember to show your support and share my page.  I have my sights set on achieving my goal and hopefully reaching the next milestone level too (wouldn't that be awesome?!).

Thank you to everyone who has already donated.

Love to all


Airborne Angel

Tuesday 3rd Nov
Today's milestone - We reached the Airborne Angel badge for our fundraising efforts!  That means we have raised over $1000 for Rise For Rescue and we are still in our first week!

Thank you to both our anonymous donors overnight - your generous contributions gave us the boost we needed to reach this mark.  So thank you kindly.

Today I decided to take Dad to the park so he could help track my daily activity.  We went to the Gwandalan Lioness Park where I got to do some climbing up the steps on the play gym.  I like to climb up, but am a little scared of the slide. 
There were some other boys out on their bikes enjoying the nice sunshine and I said hello (in my own way - I don't talk much.... yet).
I also did a lot of running around and took a walk out on the jetty.  I'll post a pic or two for you all to see..

Thanks for checking in and following my adventure.

Love to all.


A Big Woosh from OOSH!!!

Monday 2nd Nov
Today got off to a great start with a beautiful sunrise peeking through the clouds across the lake.

I had my Occupational Therapy (O.T.) session this morning and had lots of fun climbing, jumping and crashing onto the soft fall mats.    After an hour, it was time to go and I was pretty worn out so I had a nap while mum chauffeured me home.

I woke to a lovely surprise.  Some amazing people jumped online and made a donation to my Rise For Rescue campaign.  Thank you to Suzie Johnston, Ross & Lesley Wells, Bronwyn Fenner,, My Grammy and another Anonymous donor.  Your support and kindness will go a long way towards helping keep the Rescue Helicopter in the skies.

But one particular donation left me a little overwhelmed - a special mention and a HUGE THANK YOU! needs to go to the fantastic kids at Gwandalan OOSH!  These amazing kids have been saving to buy a playstation and with the extra money they had, they decided to donate it to Rise for Rescue and support Christopher!!!  What a truly amazing bunch of kids.  So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  

It's getting late and it is my bedtime, so I have to say good night xo.

Love to all


Let the games begin

Sunday 1st Nov
Today is the official launch of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter "Rise for Rescue" campaign and I was super excited to be a part of it and I even woke up extra extra early.  

I did have some things planned for my day, but because it was wet and windy here I had to find something indoors to do for a little while. 

I did think about watching Bluey over and over and over again but instead I decided to take Mum out shopping for a little while.  We played chasings through the shops.... until Mum finally caught me and gave me a ride in a trolley.    She also let me have a sit in the Elmo Fire Truck which was lots of fun.

When we got home, the rain had almost stopped so I thought it was time to try out my wellies and raincoat.  I had lots of fun stomping around on the wet grass.

I don't know how may steps I took - I can't count yet - but Mum says it was lots as I don't ever stand still ;) 

A big Thank you to Lyn and Sandra, who have both jumped on board and sponsored me too.  Everyone's donations are hugely appreciated.

Play again tomorrow.



Off to a flying start!

Wednesday 28th Oct
Thank you!  Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Still a few days to go before the official launch of the Rise for Rescue campaign and thanks to the generosity of some lovely people, Christopher is already off to a flying start.

Thank you to Sherilee for kicking off our donations - you set the ball in motion and now the donations have begun rolling in.

Thank you to Cathy and the team at Water Bore Pumps, the Treanor Family, Matthew Green, Rob (Daddy), and our anonymous supporter - we know who you are ;)

The kindness, generosity and support of each of you is very much appreciated.

We look forward to being able to help the Rescue Helicopter continue to do their amazing work and will share our success and adventures along the way.

The skies the limit!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Booming Business Pty Ltd


Margaret Kinvig


Gwandalan Oosh

Children at oosh earned (play) money for doing tasks so as to save for a PlayStation, they were given the option to donate or save. The children all wanted to donate. We feel this is a great cause.


Water Bore Pumps

A wonderful little boy with such caring parents, inspiring me to donate so other people can be helped.



Great job little man, your mum and dad must be super proud of you. Stay strong ❤️




Marjorie Samuelu

Always meant to donate to this worthy cause, didn’t mean to leave it until it almost finished😳



Such an inspiration!



My favourite little ChrisP Wombat.


Claire Burnett

Little Christopher, I am so glad the rescue helicopter were available to take you and your mum and to the hospital to save your life!! I know your parents, family and friends are appreciate all the work the wonderful medical staff do to save lives. 💓💓💓💓




Dan And Bel Clements



much love to Christopher, Jo & Rob. peace. Edmond




Diane Schofield

Best wishes for Christopher's journey. Aren't we lucky to have such a wonderful service in our area. One hour's pay is a small donation to make to them.


Millie Mcguigan

Well done Christopher!



Congratulations on reaching your goal. An awesome effort.


Rob Potter





Very touched by your courage Christopher & family. Best wishes for your future health & happiness.


Toni Woodcock


Treanor Family

Much love to you all and huge appreciation to the rescue helicopter team.


Nick Seccombe

Thanks for sharing your story. The Westpac Rescue Helicopter makes such a huge difference to so many lives. Glad to hear that even though he still has some hurdles, Christopher is doing well. All the best!


Lyn Spies

Christopher you are such a wonderful strong little fighter. We Love Yiu xx😊😊🌷🌷♥️♥️


Jennie Agustin


Sandra South

Lots of love little guy!


Pam Miller


Jane Bugeja

All our love and hope for the future Christopher


Elena Scifleet



Hey Chris, I have heard lots about you and how you have needed so much intervention for such a young man. You mum and dad are lucky to have you in their life and I hope this small expression of support helps to keep these services in the air for special people like you :)


Tamara Gregoric


Ross & Lesley Wells

Glad to donate to such a good organization.


Bronwyn Fenner

Best wishes We all need this service the rescue helicopter has saved so many lives. Thank you Christopher🌟



you are an amazing little fellow, we kinda love you xx


Matthew Green

What a brilliant initiative Chris and family. More than happy to help you out buddy.


Chris Chappell

Wow Rob so sorry to read the difficulties you guys have faced as parents. What an amazing job our ambos, rescue services and the rescue helicopter do. They were there for my Dad many moons ago. Wishing you, Jo and Christopher all the best.


Julie Volpe

May you be blessed little man.




Abhijot Kaur

Lots of Blessing to Chris and His Parents. Stay Strong :)


Rob Potter

Thank you for all that you do.


Lee Neal



Little cutie. Amazing service we can not live without, many thanks


Kirralee Chadwick

Happy to donate to such a worth cause. Good work Jo almost there! Xo


Christopher Potter

Thank you to all the wonderful people involved with Westpac Rescue Helicopter!




Tricia Downs


Kathryn Mungoven


Donna Pendreigh


Sherilee Mcmanus

You’re a fighter Christopher!! I can’t wait to see all your adventures


Sherilee Mcmanus

You and your mum are both AMAZING!


Belinda Wilberforce


Suzie Johnston


Chris P Wombat

The last little bit needed to reach the goal. $4000! GO TEAM!!! Thank you Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service




Julie Mueller


Chris Mcmillan

Christopher, brilliant work for a great cause.