Casey Hodson

Rise for Rescue

Casey Hodson - Rise For Rescue Ambassador

Casey Hodson - Rise For Rescue Ambassador

Rescue Story

On the morning of 5 November 2011 Casey Hodson was 14,000 ft in the air preparing for her first ever skydive. Watching below was her parents David & Gai, sister Breeann and nan. Casey was one of two people taking on the tandem skydive but was the first to out of the plane.

The sky dive went well and after the free-fall the parachute opened up above her. Being lighter of the pair who jumped Casey watched as the second skydiver landed safely before her. The plane had landed by this stage and had started taxiing across the airstrip. In that moment the skydiving instructor realised that they were heading in to the path of the taxiing plane and needed to make some evasive action to get both himself and Casey out of harm’s way.

The instructor warned Casey that they were going to land very hard and to brace in to the position they had practised during the safety briefing. The landing impact was intense causing both Casey and the instructor to roll, the instructor landing on top of Casey.

Casey could not move and was numb from the waist down. Casey’s dad David was first on the scene and provided first aid to both the instructor and Casey while the ambulance was called. Two ambulances and police arrived and assessing the extent of the injuries the Rescue Helicopter was called.

Casey was transferred to Newcastle Hospital, she had a shattered pelvis, fractures in her spine, haemorrhaging and internal bleeding. The skydiving instructor sustained a sprained ankle.

Casey spent two days in intensive care and underwent 8 hours of surgery. She spent three weeks in a hospital bed unable to weight bare on her left leg. She then spend some time learning how to use her crutches and how to navigate stairs. Casey was assisted by the Head of Trauma, Professor Zolt as she started baring weight on to her leg and she was discharged from hospital mid-December.

Casey started taking weight on her leg aided with crutches on New Years Day while on a family holiday in Port Stephens. Casey mentioned that most of that holiday she did laps around the caravan park and when she chatted to other holiday makers they were shocked by the cause of her injury.

Casey has reached a point of which her body has recovered as much as possible. She cannot drive a manual car, push a trolley or run as the repetitive strain causes pain to her body. Casey can still go to the gym, walk the dog and work.

Meeting their Heros

Casey works at the Newcastle Golf Club with her sister Breeann. On Friday 1 November 2019 John Hunter Children's Hospital and Westpac Rescue Helicopter hosted a Charity Golf Day at the Newcastle Golf Club.

Casey’s sister Breann, had been through a recent battle with leukaemia and on this day she worked a morning shift. During the Golf Day Breeann had the opportunity meet her oncology doctor and when Casey arrived to work that afternoon the two sisters recount the delight of meeting such an important person in Breeann’s life.

Casey commenced her shift and looked across the room to a gentlemen she recognised. She took a moment to think where she knew him from and realised this was the helicopter crew man who came her rescue. The last place she saw this man was in the Rescue Helicopter almost 8 years prior to the day.

Too embarrassed to approach the crewman Casey enquired with one of the Rescue Helicopter BBQ volunteers about who he was. The volunteer advised her that his name was Graham Nickisson and was a crewman for the Helicopter. The volunteer asked if she recognised him from the news, Casey stated “no, I recognise him from the helicopter” and then told them of her rescue.

The volunteer then introduced Casey and Graham and Casey was astounded that Graham remembered her and detailed her rescue story. This was a very special day for the sisters, both meeting their heroes on the same day.

The Hodson family had another connection to the Rescue Helicopter with their Uncle Sandy also being a former Rescue Crewman in the early 2000s. 

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Saturday 7th Nov
The first week of November has been full of different forms of exercise, dog walks, Tabata, HIIT, Boot-camps and walks through the rain forest. 
Thank you to everyone who has donated to the fundraiser so far 😊. 
I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month brings 

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