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Leader's Leap - Central Coast

I'm fundraising for...

Northern NSW Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service which changes outcomes in our community every day.

I have accepted the Leaders Leap challenge to abseil down 7 stories from the top of Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific on Friday 26 February 2021

This event will not only challenge Leaders' fear of heights from their 7 storey platform, it is also an opportunity to reflect on the vital work of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter crew, who regularly winch people to safety from the bush, ocean and hard to access locations.

Living on the coast I think we are all aware of the Westpac Rescue helicopter and often see it hovering overhead. With my kids I find myself often pointing it out as it flies by. It’s a bittersweet site to see knowing they are on the way to help someone in need. But realising there is someone who is in bad shape and needs the service.

Thankfully I don’t know anyone directly who has needed their help. But I’m constantly reminded of them as they fly over. Just a couple of weeks ago we were woken early in the morning to the chopper flying low and landing at the local sports field to help someone in need.

As a bit of an adventurer myself I remember seeing people abseiling off the Crown plaza building and thinking that would be pretty cool to do. But never thought I would get the chance. Now I have it. I love a good adrenaline rush so when the chance came up to do this while supporting an amazing organisation, I just couldn't resist. 

Its been a hard year for so many so any donation would be amazing for the wonderful cause. Feel free to share my page with your friends, family and colleagues. Thank you for rising up to support Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.  

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Such a great service, good luck Mike!


Cathy Boyd

Great cause, looking forward to seeing you jump off a building :-)


Kathleen Brown

Excellent cause - Let's hope you don't need their services on the day.


Explore & Develop Castlereagh Street

Mike - I am not sure why I am paying you to do this as I would love to do it myself! Good luck. I did the same off the Harbour Bridge Pylon in my 20's and it was scary as! Not as high as you though.


Allan Mcdougall



Daniel Nelson



Great cause good Luck Mike





Rossie W

Great cause, good luck Michael 👍


Cameron Porter

Awesome. Look forward to seeing the video of you do it


Peter And Annette

As always responsibly irresponsible!


Jade Nicoll

What a great cause to be raising money for. Good luck!


Tim Garth Cats Accountants

Great work Mike, this is an amazing cause!! Good luck tomorrow.


John Stathis


Natalino Bromfield


Todd Esplin



Congratulations! A wonderful cause and a marvellous feat to support it! All the very best!


David Sandys


Jon Dawkins

Good luck! Wear your best brown trousers! ;-)


Lorenzo Sorbello

Make it good


Des Tarei

All the best Mike. Well done for putting yourself out/up there and doing something good for your community.


Adam And Beck Coleman

Fantastic and very worthwhile cause! Enjoy your abseil! :)


Paul Sullivan

Get some photos!! Crazy....


Alissa Byrne

Nice one Mike - best of luck!



Good luck Mike


Studio 2 You

All the best with your fundraiser Mike!



Good luck Mike 👏👏👏


James Trenear


Matt H

Break a leg Mike!



God Bless


Kristin Hancock

Don't look down!


Lara Gomez

Wishing you all the best!


Paiden Bromfield


Kellie Terry

Good Luck Mike, you are a braver person than I am :) Great cause :)


Keiran Hartley



Adele & Josh Calandra

Good on you!! Hope you enjoy it.


Jared Keens

If this all goes wrong...who is in charge? ;)


Julie Parmax

Good Luck!




Hannah Evans