Roads and your vehicle

We will travel on a huge range of varying road conditions ranging from state highways to outback tracks. The entire route will have been assessed by our team and as long as you drive to the conditions in an appropriate manner you shouldn't have any problems. You should never attempt to navigate any road you do not feel comfortable with. Having said that, the Drover’s Run will have a number of support vehicles on the adventure to assist in ensuring participants have the ultimate Outback experience. These support vehicles are there to assist with getting vehicles to our destination each day and provide logistical and basic mechanical support. It will still be up to you to ensure your vehicle is prepared for the varying conditions we will be driving and all major repairs or assistance that may be needed for your vehicle will be at your cost.

The Drover’s Run is not a Bash-type event and your vehicle will need to pass basic scrutineering before we leave and meet a number of minimum requirements. We will provide entrants with a list of items you should take with you and some very important ideas on how to have your vehicle best prepared for this journey. You should have a fitted UHF radio in your vehicle for safety reasons, a hand-held radio will be permitted but allows very limited range and there would be times you would not have radio contact with other vehicles. A long-range fuel tank is a benefit but not essential as jerry cans can be a suitable alternative and distances between fuel stops is not excessive. As the name suggests, the event is suitable for 4WD’s only although at no time do we undertake driving conditions that would be deemed excessively risky to the majority of participants.

Entrants will be allowed to take camper trailers on the 2022 Drover's Run Early Bird but caravans are not permitted given the nature of the route. It is important to know that the majority of breakdowns we have experienced over the years is with trailers that aren’t suitable for the harsher terrain covered. Please consider this if you are intending to tow a camper trailer, it could mean that your trailer may need to be abandoned if it can’t be readily fixed if broken down.

Accommodation, Meals, and Fuel

Under the Itinerary Tab you will find information on where we are staying and the various accommodation options as well as what nights we will have dinners catered for us and what nights you will need to provide your own meal. As a rule, you will need to cater for all breakfasts and lunches as we are most often in places that do not provide these or we will be pulling up at remote places by the road for our breaks. All these details are provided as well as where we can obtain fuel and how far between fuel stops.

As the Drover’s Run Early Bird Outback Adventure is a mixed event we are very aware of providing amenities so that everyone is comfortable. On all nights of this trip we will have access to showers and there will always be toilet facilities, of a night and at our scheduled stops for morning tea and lunch. If there is not a toilet available we will set one up at our planned breaks for everyone’s comfort.

To assist with your budgeting I estimate that your fuel costs for the Drover’s Run should be somewhere around $550-$700 from Narromine, obviously dependent on your vehicle and this is an estimate only.

Are children allowed to take part or can pets be taken?

Because of the distances we travel, the fact that we need to keep vehicles moving to get to our destination each day, and the expectation that entrants will attend night time functions, the event is not suitable for children. Consideration to allow under 18’s to enter the event in exceptional circumstances, if requested, will be decided by the organisers.

We will often be travelling in or through National Parks or Private Property and staying at a range of accomodation venues where pets are not permitted and this is one of the reasons pets can not be taken with you on the Drover's Run. Similarly, firearms must not be carried in any vehicle irrespective of the fact you may be licenced to carry same.


The Drover’s Run is now one of the largest fundraisers for the Northern NSW based Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service but fees for the event are kept at a minimum to ensure the event is affordable to all.

The first fee due at the time of registration is an Entrant Registration of $250 per vehicle to be paid by the person/s entering a vehicle for the 2022 Drover’s Run Early Bird. Payment of this fee ensures your position for the 2022 Drover’s Run Early Bird.

The second amount due is made up of your Supporter Donations and is a minimum amount of $1,500 which we encourage entrants to source in the form of donations from businesses, friends, individual fundraising etc OR it can be paid in part or full by the entrant if you choose. If entrants choose to source donations, we will provide donation information to help you with your fundraising and also an acknowledgement that you are authorised to seek donations on behalf of the Service as an entrant in the 2022 Drover’s Run Early Bird. We will also assist you to set up your online fundraising platform to assist you in achieving your target. You may look at securing the amount in a few larger donations or a number of smaller amounts, as long as you reach the minimum $1,500 target, and if you are able we encourage entrants to continue to fundraise, acknowledging that all funds raised ensure that we can continue to provide the best in aeromedical support to those in need 24-7.

The Supporters Donation minimum amount is due on or before the 11th March, 2022. As an encouragement to those who choose to take the Supporters Donation model, the highest fundraising vehicle will receive recognition on the perpetual trophy and receive a generous acknowledgement in recognition of your efforts.

The third fee to be paid is your Crew Fee which is paid by all participants in the Drover’s Run and is an at-cost fee for your Drover’s Run uniform, your camping fees charged per person by the places we stay, and meals that will be catered for us during the adventure. In 2022 we are providing dinner on seven of the eight nights at local venues. The fee will also include any Nationa Park fees required. Although still to be confirmed the Crew Fee should be around $450 per person and will be known once mapping and final costs have been confirmed by the providers.